Weight gain: a worldwide problem

28 June 2012

An interesting article on the BBC website reports that Researchers say if increasing levels of fatness are replicated globally it could mean the equivalent of an extra billion people on the planet.Read more here.

The marshmallow experiment: testing emotional intelligence

27 June 2012

A video introduction to the marshmallow experiment.   TED Talk: Joachim de Posada says, Don't eat the… par TED

Mirror Neurons

26 June 2012

You can find an interesting presentation on mirror neurons on TedTalk. Ramachandran – TED talk mirror neurons par LazyPawn

Fighting child obesity

25 June 2012

The American Medical Association has released a statement urging the development of preventative obesity education. Read more here.

Childhood obesity affects math performances

21 June 2012

Sara Gable, associate professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at University of Missouri and lead author of a study on childhood obesiry and acdemic performance demonstrates that obesity that persists across the elementary school years has the potential to compromise several areas of children’s development, including their social and emotional well-being and academic performance. Read more here.

Telephone therapy helps depression

18 June 2012

Receiving therapy over the telephone is showing promise for people with depression, according to new research. Clients counseled over the phone were less likely to drop out of treatment compared to those who got face-to face counseling.  Researchers also found people who talked to their therapist on the telephone got better at the same rate as those who spent time with a counselor face to face. Read more here.

Pediatrician uses hip hop and graffiti to fight childhood obesity

17 June 2012

A Pediatrician in Maine (USA) has designed a programme to fight childhood obesity. You can learn more about his programme on the Dunk the Junk Website.

People who lack sleep more likely to eat junk food

16 June 2012

According to two small studies presented sleep deprivation appears to increase activity in areas of the brain that seek out pleasure – including that provided by junk food. To make matters worse, sleepiness also may dampen activity in other brain regions that usually serve as a brake on this type of craving. Read the full article here.

A short film about British psychoanalysis

09 June 2012

A series of short interviews about psychoanalysis yesterday and today in the UK.

Great figures of British psychoanalysis

07 June 2012

This is a trailer of a documentary which is a collection of interviews of leading UK psychoanalyst such as Hanna Segal and Betty Jopseph. © The Institute of Psychoanalysis 2010.

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