Video of the day: Wilfred Bion

05 June 2012

Wilfred Bion work is considered as a major contribution to Kleinian psychoanalytic theory. You can hear him speak at the Tavistock Clinic.

Meet Salvador Minuchin

04 June 2012

Salvador Minuchin is the founder of structural family therapy. This short video is an engaging introduction to his work and ideas.Meet Salvador Minuchin

Children as young as five are being referred for treatment for depression and anxiety

03 June 2012

Recent Studies in the UK show that there is a sharp increase in children and adolescents referred to specialist services as they suffer from depression and anxiety. This seems to be linked with the impact of family life stressors such as financial difficulties, unemployment, etc. Read more on the BBC website.

Make your child “bullyproof”

02 June 2012

A new way to fight bullies is emerging: make victims ‘bullyproof’ by teaching then social and emotional skills. A multitude of school based programmes are developed to teach children how to protect themselves from bullying. Read more here.

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