Do psychologists still listen to Freud?

27 July 2012

Psychoanalysis as a therapy became somewhat marginalized decades ago as biological and behavioral approaches gained recognition, but plenty of mental health professionals still practice some variation of it, and Freud’s ideas are crucial in a wide spectrum of therapies today. Read more here…

Social media has positive effet on teens

27 July 2012

In a national US study of more than 1000 teenagers, most report that the use of social media makes them feel more confident, popular and sympathetic to others. Read more here….

Recodings can help dementia patients

26 July 2012

Discovering the best way to help those with dementia deal with their condition is still in its early stages, but some research suggests that reminiscing about times-gone-by could make a difference. Read more on the BBC website…

Anger attacks among American teenagers

25 July 2012

Nearly two-thirds of American teenagers admit to having “anger attacks” that involve destroying property, threatening violence or engaging in violence, a new study found. And one in 12 has intermittent explosive disorder, characterized by chronic, uncontrollable fits of rage. Read more here..

Study links spanking to mental illness

24 July 2012

A recent study has shown that spanking can cause mental illness in children. Read more here…

Fighting Depression worldwide

23 July 2012

Read this very interesting article published in the New York Times on fighting depression in poor countries. Read here…

Tackling Workplace Conflicts

22 July 2012
0 publishes an article on the 10 tips to tackle the worst workplace conflicts. Read more here...

Study shows a link between brain structure and altruism

21 July 2012

A new study from the University of Zurich in Switzerland suggests that the answer to that question may be a matter of neuroanatomy, with the brains of altruistic types having more “gray matter” in a region of the brain known as the temporoparietal junction. Read more here…

Phone based psychotherapy helps depression

07 July 2012

A recent randomised control trial research has shown that phone based cognitive behavioural therapy can help people suffering from depression. Read more.

Why people ignore climate change?

06 July 2012

According to research studies, around 20% of the public is in denial of climate change issues. Two of the major factors are 1) that media influences people in a negative way and distorts scientific evidence, 2) the level of denial depends on people’s political affiliation. Read more.

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