The Divided Brain – Reloaded

23 January 2013

Renowned psychiatrist and writer Iain McGilchrist provides a succinct and fascinating account of the divided brain theory from a contemporary and social perspective, accompanied by the animated illustration of Andrew Park. Watch the film on the RSA website here:

ADHD diagnosis on the rise

22 January 2013

A recent study of 840,000 children in California has indicated a significant rise, of 24%, in the number of children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Dr. Darios Getahun, researcher at the Kaiser Permanente Southern California Medical Group, confirmed that the instances of ADHD in boys within the study was three times as high as in girls and that it was more prevalent in higher income families: although that this might be accounted for by greater parental interest in their school performance. Dr Benjamin Lahey of the University of Chicago suggests that the study is more...

MMPI-2 Training payment

15 January 2013

Please select from the list and click below to pay: Fee Full fee £699.00 GBPEarly bird £599.00 GBPTrainee & newly qualitfied psychologists £499.00 GBP

Opt out policy

09 January 2013

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Therapy apps on smart phones. Do they work?

08 January 2013

With depression on the rise and 50% of the US population owning a smartphone, it is unsurprising that a search on the Apple App Store brings up a huge number of solutions, targeted at relieving stress, or fighting depression. The question is if these techniques work and if mental health practitioners can implement solutions of this kind into their treatment programmes. Read more on the BBC here