Connecting Minds Network’s objective is to facilitate the dissemination of current knowledge and practices in the field of psychology, psychotherapy and education. We are working with some of the leading professionals and trainers in the UK and the world to design and deliver our online training. Our colleagues are practicing clinicians and qualified professionals with many years of experience in training and managing staff in their chosen field.

The topics covered by our speakers include:

  • Child psychology (normal development, developmental disorders, learning difficulties, resilience and mental health)
  • Parenting and family therapy
  • Psychotherapy (cognitive-behavioural interpersonal, systemic, narrative, existential and psychodynamic)
  • Psychoanalysis (Freudian, object relation, ego psychology, Lacanian and Jungian)
  • Psychological assessment and testing
  • Mental health (assessment and interventions, mental illness, case management and long term care)
  • Education (educational psychology, behavioural management, emotional literacy, special needs, gifted children and school leadership)
  • Organizational psychology (leadership, team building, executive coaching and managing organizational change)