Botox to aenethetise patients from disgust or sadness

12 April 2013

Botox smile injection

In an update on our recent post about the social and health impact of smiles, Cardif University has just released a paper at the British Psychological Society’s annual conference in Harrogate which has confirmed that the use of Botox to reduce facial lines has a significant impact on the feelings associated with the facial expressions which are impacted by the treatment.

For example, where crows feet were treated with the toxin, subjects were less able to produce an intense smile, as a result of they reported being more depressed. The same facial feedback loop that effects us when we smile also exists with other facial expressions. In this trial, those subjects treated to remove frown lines reported being less depressed, after being unable to frown so intensely.

The hope is that the treatment could be used to model patient’s facial expressions and by consequence impact their emotional responses: with applications such as reducing feelings of disgust in OCD patients.

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