Is e-learning a systemic approach?

23 April 2012

There is much debate among the psychological and psychotherapy community about the usefulness of online learning. Is it as effective as one to one of group training? Many studies claim that e-learning can be as effective if the trainer adopts a radically new approach to teaching psychotherapy skills.
But what is interesting, is that e-learning is very much systemic in nature. 1) It relies on the use of constant feedback to “adjust” the system. Many will see that is exactly what cybernetics, which has been so influential in systemic therapy, teaches us. 2) That the use of both verbal, visual and written communication is more inclusive at it can fit most participants’ learning style and preference. 3) The use of forum, questionnaires, etc. help participants to build or shift discourses about a particular subject. This is even more powerful when professionals from various countries gather online as their conversations generally challenges their culture-bound perception of the topic.