Speaker: Patrick Fontan

 Past event

About CHESSSS: Code for Hermann: Enhanced Structural Summary and Supplementary Scales.5075947453_df5fbe16e6

CHESSSS is an open source project for the Rorschach community of practitioners and researchers. It can be freely distributed and adjusted to one’s particular needs. It is an efficient and user-friendly application. Its use and even its programming do not require a high level of IT skills.

This software provides solutions for issues concerning computing Rorschach Supplementary Scales, interrater reliability, standardisation of Form Quality tables across countries, the search for items in the FQ tables, and the creation of databases. It also addresses the complexity of RCS interpretation.

CHESSSS helps clinicians, researchers and students to manage their own data as desired in a free and autonomous manner.

This 20 minute Webinar will present an overview of CHESSSS including a brief history of its development. The presentation will focus on the main innovative features that have been developed. Guidance for installing CHESSSS will be provided.

Download CHESSSS (this software is free)

About the speaker:

Patrick Fontan is a clinical psychologist. He specialises in psychological assessment and is currently undertaking research on psychometric issues of the Rorschach Comprehensive System. He is currently an assistant lecturer at Reims University, France. While working on his doctoral thesis, he developed CHESSSS software as a way of dealing with data management issues related to the Rorschach Comprehensive System.

Who should attend?

Rorschach practitioners and psychologists

Date and time:

Monday 21 October

5.00pm, London (GMT)

6.00pm, Paris (GMT+1)

7.00pm, Istanbul (GMT+2)

1.00pm, Rio de Janeiro (GMT-4)

12.00pm, New York (GMT-5)

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Forthcoming event

An Introduction to CHESSSS, Monday 11 November