Dr Michel Alhadeff-Jones

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Monday 13 May 2013, 5.30pm (Central European Time)

Speaker: Dr Michel Alhadeff-Jones

A Rorschachiana event, organised by Hogrefe Publishing in association with Connecting Minds Network

Following the Rorschachiana’s “Meet the Editor” seminar series, this online seminar invites potential authors, interested in publishing in Rorschachiana to think further about how to shape and write a critical literature review for their manuscript. This seminar is of particular interest to authors in the field of projective techniques as it discusses how to present the complexities of their work.

The contemporary cultural context raises several challenges considering the way scientific knowledge is produced and the way it influences one’s own understanding of professional and personal issues. Today, it is crucial for everyone to learn how to cope with the information overload that characterizes the exponential increase and spreading of heterogeneous forms of knowledge (based on experience, science, etc.) we are facing. From a scientific perspective, learning to critically take position requires one to learn how to filter information and identify the relevant data. It also requires one to learn how to negotiate the tensions inherent to the multiplication, the fragmentation and the diversification of knowledge. Doing so involves the development of a capacity to recognize and negotiate explicitly the complexity inherent to the understanding of lived or observed realities.

The aim of this workshop is to bring participants to critically reflect on the way they conceive scientific research, both as “consumers” and “producers” of such specific knowledge. On one hand, this workshop provides participants with a methodology to locate one’s own specific research agenda in regard of the scientific field as a whole. On the other hand, it provides them with the opportunity to question how does one learn to position “expert” knowledge produced by other researchers and how it can be critically articulated with one’s own research interests. This workshop focuses therefore on the framework required in order to conceive a critical literature review that acknowledges the complexity attributed to a topic of research.

This session will be organized around three main focuses. First, some fundamental assumptions framing a complex and transdisciplinary conception of scientific research will be introduced. Then, the distinction between practical problem, research question, and research problem will be discussed. Finally, three models of literature review will be discussed: Literature review as creative inquiry, integrative literature review and critical literature review.

About the speaker:

Dr Michel Alhadeff-Jones is a psychosociologist and a philosopher of education. His practice privileges the use of life history as an opportunity to develop critical reflection located at the crossroads between human sciences, philosophy and everyday life experience. Lecturer at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and Adjunct Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, he is also the editor-in-chief of “Complicity: An International Journal of Complexity and Education”.

This event is sponsored by Hogrefe Publishing and is free of charge