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Speaker: Sadegh Nashat

Teacher and Sudents

Schools and education settings have become more and more the centre of child and adolescent mental health screening, assessment and intervention. Teachers and education professionals are asked to pay more attention to students who might be experiencing psychological difficulties.

But there is less focus on whole classroom and school approaches that may contribute to the mental well-being of both school children and education staff. Studies have shown that some organisational dynamics can affect the psychological and emotional well being of students and teachers.

This seminar is an introduction to the whole school approaches that promote mental health well being.

The seminar will include:

  • A definition of whole school approach programmes
  • An overview of the different models

About the speaker

Sadegh Nashat is a consultant clinical psychologist and family psychotherapist. Until recently, he was a training lead for child and adolescent community mental health trainings at the Tavistock Clinic, London. Sadegh Nashat has worked in Switzerland, France and for 15 years in the NHS (UK National Health Service). He has developed an expertise in mental health issues in schools and has designed numerous trainings for teachers and education professionals. He is regularly invited as a speaker at international conferences.

His most recent publication:

Harris, R., Nashat, S., Rendall, S. (2011). Engaging with Complexity, Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Education Settings. London: Karnac.