Speaker: Yvonne Ayo

Past event

Date: 4 February 2013, 6pm UK time (check your local time)

Fee: £39 / €49 / $59

This event is for: therapists, counsellors, family therapists, psychotherapists, mental health professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists as well as artists and art professionals, interested in the field of psychotherapy.

The practice of psychotherapy remains a process that mainly uses verbal communication as a tool.

Systemic approaches have shown that both verbal and non-verbal communications can be as useful in therapeutic practice and have a powerful effect on the change process.

This event will present how photographs and images can be used as a form of visual communication in therapeutic practice.

Yvonne Ayo will talk about some innovative tools and techniques that can be both used in family therapy but that can also be useful to other therapeutic modalities.

The online seminar will include a series of images and videos that will demonstrate the therapeutic process, the discourses of photographs and images, and finally the invisibility of ethnicities.

About the speaker:
Yvonne Ayo is a systemic and family psychotherapist. She is the training cluster lead of the Tavistock and Portman NHS foundation trust’s Clinical Training in Systemic Psychotherapy. She is currently carrying out a research on mixed ethnicities in mixed ethnic families. Before training as a therapist Yvonne Ayo was the first black woman to be on the curatorial staff of the British Museum with a specialist interest in Africa and the Pacific region.

Date and time:
Date: 4 February 2013, 6pm UK time (check your local time)

Fee: £39 / €49 / $59