Study links spanking to mental illness

24 July 2012

A recent study has shown that spanking can cause mental illness in children. Read more here…

The marshmallow experiment: testing emotional intelligence

27 June 2012

A video introduction to the marshmallow experiment.   TED Talk: Joachim de Posada says, Don't eat the… par TED

Childhood obesity affects math performances

21 June 2012

Sara Gable, associate professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at University of Missouri and lead author of a study on childhood obesiry and acdemic performance demonstrates that obesity that persists across the elementary school years has the potential to compromise several areas of children’s development, including their social and emotional well-being and academic performance. Read more here.

Children as young as five are being referred for treatment for depression and anxiety

03 June 2012

Recent Studies in the UK show that there is a sharp increase in children and adolescents referred to specialist services as they suffer from depression and anxiety. This seems to be linked with the impact of family life stressors such as financial difficulties, unemployment, etc. Read more on the BBC website.

Make your child “bullyproof”

02 June 2012

A new way to fight bullies is emerging: make victims ‘bullyproof’ by teaching then social and emotional skills. A multitude of school based programmes are developed to teach children how to protect themselves from bullying. Read more here.

Video of the day: Child narrative therapy

25 May 2012

Here is a good example of how to start a session with a child in narrative therapy. Steve Madigan is a famous narrative therapist who works in the US.

Troubled children

07 May 2012

The New York Times website has a series of very interesting videos on troubled children. You can see part one here. It is about Hayley, 10, who suffers from several mental health problems. The video explains the difficulty of complex diagnosis. Troubled children, part 1

Piaget’s developmental stages on video

03 May 2012

1) Piaget’s stages. 2) Piaget – Stage 2 – Preoperational – Lack of Conservation. 3) Piaget egocentricism experience.

Reading Piaget

03 May 2012

Despite a recent revival and many studies in neuroscience validating some of the fundamental Piagetian concepts, Jean Piaget has almost disappeared from undergraduate programmes. The Jean Piaget Society provides a very interesting list of publications for psychology students which we recommend. Resources for psychology students

Understanding child mental health in schools

22 April 2012

This is a highly interesting collection of papers presented at the first European Congress of Child Mental Health in Education Settings. Many of their authors are part of CM Network.

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