Make your child “bullyproof”

02 June 2012

A new way to fight bullies is emerging: make victims ‘bullyproof’ by teaching then social and emotional skills. A multitude of school based programmes are developed to teach children how to protect themselves from bullying. Read more here.

Parents’ financial instability also affects children

19 May 2012

Dr Drew McWilliams Chief Operating Officer at Morrison Child and Family Service has recently suggest in an article to the Huffington Post that financial uncertainties (mortgage payments, unemployment, etc.) are alos affecting. Sinice the sub-prime financial crisis she has noticed an increase in cases of posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression among children of families who are struggling financially. Read the article here.

Children loosing weight thanks to social media

16 May 2012

A new social networking website,, helps children to loose weight effectively. The website reports that children using the site have in average lost around 7 pounds (3.2 kilos). Read more here.

Troubled children

07 May 2012

The New York Times website has a series of very interesting videos on troubled children. You can see part one here. It is about Hayley, 10, who suffers from several mental health problems. The video explains the difficulty of complex diagnosis. Troubled children, part 1

Piaget’s developmental stages on video

03 May 2012

1) Piaget’s stages. 2) Piaget – Stage 2 – Preoperational – Lack of Conservation. 3) Piaget egocentricism experience.

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