Nine ways to stay happily married

03 November 2012

With divorce rates in the US heading for 40% researchers have identified 9 indicators for a successful union, from good humour and a healthy sex life to emotional separation from biological family. Read all nine here

The psychology of natural disasters

31 October 2012

The recent storms to hit the US are a reminder to think about the psychological consequences of natural disasters and how they effect children and families.  Survivors tend to look for leadership and stability in the wake of this sort of shocking change to their environment. Children need to understand the event and be returned to a reassuring routine. Read more about disasters in the school context here Read more from the American Psychology Association

Parents overestimate their children’s happiness

26 October 2012

  It has long been recognised that parents tend to exaggerate their children’s intellectual, social and sporting abilities but a recent study indicated that parents are also inclined to see their children as less anxious and more optimistic  than they really are. Kristin Lagattuta’s research indicates that adult’s interpretations of children’s happiness can not be trusted but hopes that it will lead parents to be better attuned to their children’s emotional difficulties. Read more here

Three genes determine your child’s academic achievement

11 October 2012

Kevin Beaver of Florida State University has identified that three genes DAT1, DRD2 and DRD4 predict levels of academic achievement. So does this mean that we are soon to be condemned to a world in which our lives are determined at birth, populated by genetic elites and a DNA underclass? The vision of our future depicted in the 1997 film Gattaca (pictured) highlights the age old struggle between nature and nurture, predetermined potential and the benefits and disadvantages afforded to us by our environment. The 1994 book “The Bell Curve” argues for accepting the determinist view and...

Meet Salvador Minuchin

04 June 2012

Salvador Minuchin is the founder of structural family therapy. This short video is an engaging introduction to his work and ideas.Meet Salvador Minuchin

Parents’ financial instability also affects children

19 May 2012

Dr Drew McWilliams Chief Operating Officer at Morrison Child and Family Service has recently suggest in an article to the Huffington Post that financial uncertainties (mortgage payments, unemployment, etc.) are alos affecting. Sinice the sub-prime financial crisis she has noticed an increase in cases of posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression among children of families who are struggling financially. Read the article here.

Feel her pain, your wife will be happier

14 May 2012

A research from the Harvard Medical School studied 156 heterosexual couples. They found out that the men’s ability to read their partner’s emotions with accuracy predicted greater couple relation satisfaction. Published in Journal of Family Psychology (Feb. 2012)

“How to Have an Awful Marriage”

06 May 2012

Jay Haley is a family therapist who actively collaborated with the Palo Alto school. His legendary paper “how to have an awful marriage” is a witty but sophisticated view of couple relationships. His paper can be downloaded. Download “How to have an awful mariage”