Young cannabis smokers run risk of lower IQ

28 August 2012

A study claims that young cannabis smokers run risk of lower IQ. The findings come from a study of around 1,000 people in New Zealand. For more than 20 years researchers have followed the lives of a group of people from Dunedin in New Zealand. An international team found those who started using cannabis in adolescence¬† suffered a drop in IQ. This might might have affected their still developing brains. This study also showed that cognitive performance was restored when the use of cannabis was stopped. Read more on the BBC website…

Research shows that texting and driving don’t go well together

24 August 2012

Communications professor Zheng Wang of Ohio State University found that when subjects were hit with two visual challenges — concentrating on images on a computer screen while text messaging — their performance plummeted. Their visual capacity was, to some degree, overwhelmed. Their performance also suffered if they concentrated on the images while talking on the phone, thus using different sources of stimuli, audio and visual. But it was not nearly as difficult as when both challenges were of the same type. Read more…

Study shows a link between brain structure and altruism

21 July 2012

A new study from the University of Zurich in Switzerland suggests that the answer to that question may be a matter of neuroanatomy, with the brains of altruistic types having more “gray matter” in a region of the brain known as the temporoparietal junction. Read more here…

Mirror Neurons

26 June 2012

You can find an interesting presentation on mirror neurons on TedTalk. Ramachandran – TED talk mirror neurons par LazyPawn

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