ADHD diagnosis on the rise

22 January 2013

A recent study of 840,000 children in California has indicated a significant rise, of 24%, in the number of children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Dr. Darios Getahun, researcher at the Kaiser Permanente Southern California Medical Group, confirmed that the instances of ADHD in boys within the study was three times as high as in girls and that it was more prevalent in higher income families: although that this might be accounted for by greater parental interest in their school performance. Dr Benjamin Lahey of the University of Chicago suggests that the study is more...

What’s it like to have ADHD?

30 October 2012

A recent study, by biomedical ethicist Dr Ilina Singh, asking children how they feel about ADHD and possible treatment has identified that the children feel that their medication helps them control their reactions and gives them time in which to think before acting. The children also said that they wanted additional treatment options, however: long waiting lists for children’s behavioral treatments means that there is currently little alternative by rely on prescribing drug treatments. “One of the messages that children have is that they want more treatment options outside of medication,...

Do psychologists still listen to Freud?

27 July 2012

Psychoanalysis as a therapy became somewhat marginalized decades ago as biological and behavioral approaches gained recognition, but plenty of mental health professionals still practice some variation of it, and Freud’s ideas are crucial in a wide spectrum of therapies today. Read more here…

A short film about British psychoanalysis

09 June 2012

A series of short interviews about psychoanalysis yesterday and today in the UK.

Great figures of British psychoanalysis

07 June 2012

This is a trailer of a documentary which is a collection of interviews of leading UK psychoanalyst such as Hanna Segal and Betty Jopseph. © The Institute of Psychoanalysis 2010.

Video of the day: Wilfred Bion

05 June 2012

Wilfred Bion work is considered as a major contribution to Kleinian psychoanalytic theory. You can hear him speak at the Tavistock Clinic.

New James Bond Viral Video

25 May 2012

Interesting choice for the new James Bond, the trailer shows a psychologist testing Mr Bond with the Jung Word Association Test.