The UK set to become global leader on dementia research

13 October 2012

As part of the British Government’s “Challenge on Dementia” a showcase, event (UK Dementia Research: Addressing the Global Challenge) was held on the 10th October 2012 to bring together more than 150 potential international partners in order to promote the UK’s unique research university facilities, combined with NHS patient data. “The UK wants to be a world-leader in dementia research, but only by international collaboration can we tackle the global challenge of this condition.” Norman Lamb, Care and Support Minister Read more here

Meet Salvador Minuchin

04 June 2012

Salvador Minuchin is the founder of structural family therapy. This short video is an engaging introduction to his work and ideas.Meet Salvador Minuchin

Video of the day: narrative therapy

24 May 2012

This video presents some of the ideas in narrative therapy and gives some examples of the techniques used in therapy.

“How to Have an Awful Marriage”

06 May 2012

Jay Haley is a family therapist who actively collaborated with the Palo Alto school. His legendary paper “how to have an awful marriage” is a witty but sophisticated view of couple relationships. His paper can be downloaded. Download “How to have an awful mariage”

Is e-learning a systemic approach?

23 April 2012

There is much debate among the psychological and psychotherapy community about the usefulness of online learning. Is it as effective as one to one of group training? Many studies claim that e-learning can be as effective if the trainer adopts a radically new approach to teaching psychotherapy skills. But what is interesting, is that e-learning is very much systemic in nature. 1) It relies on the use of constant feedback to “adjust” the system. Many will see that is exactly what cybernetics, which has been so influential in systemic therapy, teaches us. 2) That the use of both verbal, visual...