Anger attacks among American teenagers

25 July 2012

Nearly two-thirds of American teenagers admit to having “anger attacks” that involve destroying property, threatening violence or engaging in violence, a new study found. And one in 12 has intermittent explosive disorder, characterized by chronic, uncontrollable fits of rage. Read more here..

Phone based psychotherapy helps depression

07 July 2012

A recent randomised control trial research has shown that phone based cognitive behavioural therapy can help people suffering from depression. Read more.

Emotional freedom technique

05 July 2012

Emotional freedom technique is an approach that helps people with severe anxiety. It uses acupressure techniques and visualisation that help to alleviate anxiety.

Telephone therapy helps depression

18 June 2012

Receiving therapy over the telephone is showing promise for people with depression, according to new research. Clients counseled over the phone were less likely to drop out of treatment compared to those who got face-to face counseling.  Researchers also found people who talked to their therapist on the telephone got better at the same rate as those who spent time with a counselor face to face. Read more here.

Video of the day: Wilfred Bion

05 June 2012

Wilfred Bion work is considered as a major contribution to Kleinian psychoanalytic theory. You can hear him speak at the Tavistock Clinic.

Meet Salvador Minuchin

04 June 2012

Salvador Minuchin is the founder of structural family therapy. This short video is an engaging introduction to his work and ideas.Meet Salvador Minuchin

Yoga can help relieve depressive symptoms

29 May 2012

A new study published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry shows that a yoga meditation program could reduce depression symptoms and boost mental health. The study also showed that the changes can also be seen at a cellular level. Read the full article here.

Video of the day: Child narrative therapy

25 May 2012

Here is a good example of how to start a session with a child in narrative therapy. Steve Madigan is a famous narrative therapist who works in the US.

Video of the day: narrative therapy

24 May 2012

This video presents some of the ideas in narrative therapy and gives some examples of the techniques used in therapy.

Using rap to treat posttraumatic stress

23 May 2012

An Iraq war veteran who suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder is using rap to help him overcome his symptoms. It seems that one in six war veterans suffer from PTSD. The use of music has proved to be an alternative way of helping him. Dunson raps about his life: “What’s wrong with me? Got PTSD. These pills ain’t working, man, I still can’t think.” Read more here.

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