The Divided Brain – Reloaded

23 January 2013

Renowned psychiatrist and writer Iain McGilchrist provides a succinct and fascinating account of the divided brain theory from a contemporary and social perspective, accompanied by the animated illustration of Andrew Park. Watch the film on the RSA website here:

What’s it like to have ADHD?

30 October 2012

A recent study, by biomedical ethicist Dr Ilina Singh, asking children how they feel about ADHD and possible treatment has identified that the children feel that their medication helps them control their reactions and gives them time in which to think before acting. The children also said that they wanted additional treatment options, however: long waiting lists for children’s behavioral treatments means that there is currently little alternative by rely on prescribing drug treatments. “One of the messages that children have is that they want more treatment options outside of medication,...

An end to zero tolerance in American schools?

05 October 2012

School districts across the US have moved towards smarter disciple programmes and away from mandatory expulsions, in an attempt to tackle student discipline. The American Psychological Association reports that the zero tolerance policy has led to an increase in bad behaviour and has not reduced violence nor promoted learning. The new approach employs restorative practices, which enable students to better understand the consequences of their actions and develops inter student and teacher student relationships. Subscribe to our free online seminar on mental health welfare in schools here. Read the...

Teenager creates viral campaign to fight bullying

22 September 2012

Seventeen-year-old Kevin Curwick, an Osseo High School football team captain, is using Twitter to fight cyberbullies and compliment his classmates, but much to his surprise, now people across the world are returning the favor. Read more

Emotional freedom technique

05 July 2012

Emotional freedom technique is an approach that helps people with severe anxiety. It uses acupressure techniques and visualisation that help to alleviate anxiety.

Mirror Neurons

26 June 2012

You can find an interesting presentation on mirror neurons on TedTalk. Ramachandran – TED talk mirror neurons par LazyPawn

A short film about British psychoanalysis

09 June 2012

A series of short interviews about psychoanalysis yesterday and today in the UK.

Video of the day: Wilfred Bion

05 June 2012

Wilfred Bion work is considered as a major contribution to Kleinian psychoanalytic theory. You can hear him speak at the Tavistock Clinic.

New James Bond Viral Video

25 May 2012

Interesting choice for the new James Bond, the trailer shows a psychologist testing Mr Bond with the Jung Word Association Test.

Video of the day: narrative therapy

24 May 2012

This video presents some of the ideas in narrative therapy and gives some examples of the techniques used in therapy.