What is an online seminar (webinar)?

A online seminar is an audio-visual presentation that is broadcast on the Internet. It is an interactive process which uses rich media (PowerPoint, audio, video, streaming, etc.). You can ask questions, send questions in advance, rank the presentation and provide feedback. You can watch the recorded presentation again. Both audio and video are delivered through your computer. This allows you to participate in the seminar at your leisure.

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What is an online workshop?

An online workshop is a series of online modules that are pre-recorded and which can be watched at your convenience. Each module is supported by audio-visual and downloadable materials. Depending on the workshop, you will be asked to fill in questionnaires, do some coursework, etc. You can use email to send questions in. Facilitators will also stay in touch by email. Some workshops will also include web-based live supervision and consultation to participants.

We are currently developing our programme of workshops. Join us and we will let you know when they are available.

What do I need to watch an online presentation or workshop?

The only thing you need is a computer (desktop or laptop), a broadband connection, Adobe Flash, installed speakers (or headphones), a microphone if you want to talk (alternatively you can use instant messaging and type in your comments & questions).

What is the time zone of the online event?

The time zone of each event is specified when you want to register. Most events will be available for different time zones.


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In addition the connection is encrypted on the MediaTone Network using the128-bit SSL encryption standard. Our website also uses a 128 bit SSL encryption .